Occupy Marfa

As part of its mission to help emerging writers occupy the world they live in to nonviolently change the status quo into a sustainable cooperative community, Occupy the Word is seeking a 2017 resident to occupy its writer’s studio and retreat house in quirky, creatively inspired Marfa, Texas.

The residency program will include:

  • The creative freedom and hospitality to have no requirements on writing production whatsoever.
  • A custom-designed timeframe from one to three months, depending on the writer’s needs and availability.
  • Use of a bicycle and a Toyota Prius to get around.
  • Plane or train fare to get to Marfa and then back home.
  • Consideration of grocery and sundry stipend on a needs basis.
  • Priority consideration of work for publication by Occupy the Word Foundation’s imprint, Occupy the Word Publishing.

All applicants are encouraged to read the application requirements and fill out the form here.

Do you have questions about Occupy Marfa? Drop us a line here.